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## Installing PyICU
PyICU is a python extension implemented in C++ that wraps the C/C++ ICU library.
It is known to also work as a [PyPy]( extension.
Unless ``pkg-config`` and the ICU libraries and headers are already installed,
the PyICU installation involves more than just a ``pip`` call.
- Mac OS X
- Ensure ICU is installed and can be found by `pkg-config` (as `icu-config` was [deprecated]( as of ICU 63.1), either by following [ICU build instructions](, or by using Homebrew:
......@@ -50,6 +55,8 @@ See also the CLDR homepage at
pip install --no-binary=:pyicu: pyicu
- Other operating systems, see below.
## Building PyICU
Before building PyICU the ICU libraries must be built and installed. Refer
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